• Gregory Chambers

    Metric geometry, and geometric analysis.

  • David Fisher

    Rigidity in dynamics and geometry, Lie groups, discrete groups, ergodic theory. particularly dynamics of large group actions and ergodic geometry

  • Robin Forman (Emeritus)

    Relationships between topology and analysis, with an emphasis on ideas from mathematical physics.

  • Shelly Harvey

    Low-dimensional topology and geometry, group theory, and non-commutative algebra.

  • Chris Leininger

    Geometry, topology, group theory, and dynamics in low dimension.

  • Jo Nelson

    Symplectic and contact topology and geometry

  • Alan Reid

    Hyperbolic manifolds, discrete groups, low dimensional topology with a particular interest in connections to number theory and moduli spaces.


Khanh Le, Jacob Russell, Nick Castro, George Domat, Jason Joseph

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