Exam Help

The links below take you to a repository of exams that were given in previous semesters for our exams. Here is some general advice on how to use these exams in preparing for your own exam.

  1. Before you start, remember that exams are offered at slightly different times in the course, so the material covered in a particular exam here might not exactly correspond to what your test will cover. It's a good idea to ask your own instructor for guidance as to what material your exam will test.
  2. The most efficient way to use these materials as study aids is to take the appropriate exam under exam conditions. Usually that means with no notes, books or help, and to take the test in the time alloted. That will help you decide if you know the material well enough to be ready for the exam in your class. In particular, if you find that you get stuck on a problem,or that solving it is taking you quite a while, it is possible that you are not yet ready to take an exam on that material. In that case, go get help on that sort of problem, learn how to do that one particular problem quickly and easily, and then branch out to similar problems. After you think you've mastered that test, repeat the process with other exams, or with ones you create yourself out of problems like those assigned in the homeworks.
  3. There are lots of people on campus who can help you: the instructor, the TAs, the college Fellows should all be willing to help during the times they have posted.

How to join the Calculus Resources on Canvas

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