Directed Reading Program

We are happy to offer the Directed Reading Program (DRP) for undergraduate students. The DRP facilitates a collaborative and explorative mathematical reading environment to both our undergraduates students (mentees), and our instructors and graduate students (mentors).

Based on their area of interests, DRP participants are paired to read on a specific topic for a semester. Topics are agreed upon by mentors and mentees, who are expected to meet for one hour per week. In addition, mentees are expected to spend an additional 2-3 hours doing independent work on the chosen topic. This program is not course-credited; as such, it is also not limited to one semester participation.

The DRP is a great opportunity for both mentors and mentees to explore and deepen their knowledge of a mathematical subject in a small group environment, with a possible view towards a future research project.

Some examples of the DRP in other universities are here:

If you are interested in joining this program, please, fill the form here

To be informed by DRP updates, you can self-join to DRP-Canvas page:

Betul Orcan-Ekmekci is the program coordinator. Feel free to send her an email should you have any questions.

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